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illustration of tooth and emergency kitWhen you visit Spangler Family Dental, you can count on our dentists to provide prompt, personalized care that addresses your pressing dental needs and protects your smile. Dr. David Spangler, Dr. Brian Spangler, and Dr. Hayden Meriwether take care of your situation with precision, respect, and compassion. Whether you're suffering from a painful toothache or your child had an accident at the playground, we're prepared to act quickly to preserve your oral health and overall well-being. We're proud to serve the communities of Beaverton, Bethany, Hillsboro, Aloha, and the surrounding regions.

Our team has decades of experience and is expertly equipped to deal with most dental emergencies in-house. We know just how frightening and stressful a dental accident can be and encourage you to get in touch with our dentists as soon as possible. Our team begins preparing your personalized treatment plan as quickly as possible to allow you to resume your everyday lifestyle. Contact Spangler Family Dental for emergency dental care in Beaverton today to schedule an emergency appointment with us!


What are Some Common Dental Emergencies?

A true dental emergency consists of any situation that causes substantial discomfort and puts your gums or teeth at risk. To take care of your situation and restore your health, you must seek assistance as soon as possible. Common dental emergencies include:

  • Severe jaw pain
  • Sudden tooth pain
  • One or more loose teeth
  • A cracked tooth
  • One or more knocked-out teeth
  • Lost or damaged dental restorations
  • Continuous bleeding from the gums
  • An abscess on the gums

If you or a loved one is currently experiencing one or more of these conditions, get in touch with our practice immediately to set up a visit with one of our Beaverton emergency dentists.

Our Protocol for Responding to Dental Accidents

man with tooth painRegardless of when your situation arises, our team is prepared to provide the high-quality care you need. We offer appointments for dental emergencies seven days a week and even welcome walk-ins during regular hours Monday through Thursday.

If your emergency occurs over the weekend or after hours, give our office a call, and our answering machine message will explain in detail what to do next. One of our emergency dentists will follow up with you promptly and advise you on how to best manage your situation. We're happy to see members of our dental family after-hours and strive to consistently set same-day appointments for true dental emergencies.

After your visit, our dentists check up on you to ensure you or your loved one is recovering smoothly, with no complications. If you require information about your treatment options or encounter a setback, we're ready to help.

Beaverton Emergency Dental Treatments & Services

We offer multiple emergency treatments in Beaverton to address your needs and allow you to resume your day-to-day life. If you or a family member suffer from dental anxiety, we can use nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation to make your visit as stress-free as possible. If you choose to receive oral sedation, you will need to schedule an appointment ahead of time and need to have someone take you home after your appointment. Our dentists can provide:

Root Canal Therapy: If you begin experiencing severe tooth pain, it's possible that you have an infected tooth. If caught in time, our dentist can perform root canal therapy to save the infected tooth. During your treatment, the infection within the tooth is carefully removed. Our dentist then uses antibacterial material to fill the root canals of the tooth. A filling or crown seals the tooth to prevent recurring infections and preserve your oral health.

Extractions: Whenever possible, we try to preserve your natural teeth. However, if you have a severely infected or significantly damaged tooth that cannot be saved with root canal therapy, we may suggest an extraction. Removing a badly damaged tooth reduces the risk of running into additional health problems in the future. We offer multiple treatments to replace a missing tooth, thus restoring the aesthetics and functionality of your smile post-extraction.

Crowns: If a tooth suffers trauma from a dental emergency, a crown might be precisely what you need. Crowns restore the size, shape, and structure of a tooth that has been damaged. Our Beaverton emergency dentists use crowns to complete root canal treatments or repair fractured or broken teeth.

Replacement Restorations: If you have a bridge or crown that's been dislodged, damaged, or lost, we'll order you a custom replacement restoration. It may take up to two weeks for your new crown or bridge to arrive. In the meantime, we place a temporary restoration so that you can eat, speak, and drink comfortably.

Emergency Dentistry in Beaverton That You Can Count On

From cracked teeth to broken restorations, our dentists have the skillset and expertise to take excellent care of you and your loved ones. We prioritize your well-being and strive to provide the prompt treatment you deserve. If you or a family member needs emergency care in Beaverton, call Spangler Family Dental now to schedule your appointment!



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